Wide MakerSlide in Europe to enlarge X-Carve

Hi. I am mounting my first X-Carve and I am already thinking for enlarge it.

I have de 500x500 model and I would like to enlarge the X axis to 750mm. The problem is that the taxes and shipping cost for only this piece to Spain.It will be more than 100$ :frowning:

Anyone know if is it possible to buy it in Europe?
Or maybe someone knows an alternative with more common profiles?

As an alternative you may want to consider Catalin Voinescu’s “Megarail”:


he was an early leader in the Shapeoko 1/2 project and provided a lot of information for the wiki — see: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Scaling_Up for a potentially useful link to there.

Thanks for your quick response. I will investigate about these profiles to see if they are compatible.

One solution that has just occurred to me and I have done a quick test would be to use two Makerslide profiles (Y axis). I would only have to join them with a 4.15mm gap. And the best of all is that they sell them in Spain!

Yes, that was the original way to do this before Wide Makerslide was developed, see:


This was the original set up as stated above. There is good reason inventables moved away from the design. You will more than likely spend more than $100 trying to get it rigid.

Try robotsavy that’s where I got mine in the uk. Great guys just give them a call with anything you want off Inventables website. They will add it to there next order and let you know when it’s in. They usually do a big order every 2 weeks.

Robotsavy is the only alternative I have found in Europe, but with the shipping costs it cost me a total of 110$, too much for a aluminiun bar.

I think the cheap alternative will be rigid enought for me, thank you!