Wide MakerSlide upgrade in UK

Has anyone managed to get the new wide MakerSlide upgrade for Xcarve 1000 in the UK, I know RoboSavvy in the UK stock it as part of an upgrade kit, whick includes the Xcontroller and other items which I already have, and would cost about $455, all I want is the MakerSlide and to get it from the USA would cost $135 with postage and tax

I researched and couldn’t find one. Ordered mine direct from inventables and total cost was $97.13 shipped. Worth every cent!

Thank you Stuart, I have ordered from Inventables before and apart from postage I had to pay VAT and PostOffice handling fee which is why I said $135,I was just wondering it it was available in the UK, anyway apart from the price did you find the upgrade was worth the trouble, does it make the machine more ridgid

I think the VAT was about £12 and another £8 handling fee, forgot about those with the excitement :slight_smile:

Previous to getting the wide makerslide I had stiffened the X axis with bolts which helped a lot but was still getting plenty of chatter. With the wide makerslide I can now increase the feed rates significantly with little chatter, to give you an idea I work a lot with oak and a 1/8" 4 flute solid carbide bit can easily manage a 1mm doc at 100 ipm feed rate with very little chatter. My 1/4 4 flute solid carbide can run comfortably at 150 to 200 ipm 2mm doc although my nerves can’t handle it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank’s Stuart, my X axis has also been stiffened, but if you are happy with the upgrade that is good enough for me,I will go ahead and order it, sorry to hear about your nerves, I will watch out for that