Wierd noise

finally got round to setting up the x carve, 1000mm new edition, have done a few test carves & all went well but whenever i switch on the x controller i hear a thud and there is a slight movement on the z axis, is this normal or have i got an issue i need to deal with, any thoughts ???

Mine does the same thing correct me people if im wrong but i assume it just the stepper motors receiving power and them locking up. That was my guess when it does it on mine.

I am pretty sure that sound is likely to be the servos energizing. Mine did that when it was new. It locks the xyz axis so there is no further movement and the program is started and the commands are fed to the controller. If they didn’t lock you could move something and the project would be hosed. There is a command you can enter if not locking. or just don’t lean on your machine (like I often do)

Mine does that as well, on both the g-shield and the TinyG controllers.
It is the motors being powered up - working as intended. :wink:

On mine I notice the steppers also make a slight “whine” until I jog them. But I have not had any problems.

Yep it’s the motors finding their place a holding.