Will Easel work with NEMA 34

This may be an ignorant question but I am going to ask it any way.
What type of system is the X-Carve, Adruino, I don’t know.
I have been told that its controller box cannot supply the voltage needed to control NEMA 34.
Is the a controller that can handle it. maybe a PMDX and it must use Mach3.
Is there a way to bridge the two devices or is it a bridge to far.

NEMA34 is a physically larger motor. The Xcarve doesn’t have NEMA34 mounting patterns. Not sure how well it’d handle the NEMA34s either. The Xcontroller might be able to drive some of the smaller NEMA34s but there are more issues than just the controller.

Easel communicates with GRBL. I believe that as long as your controller runs GRBL, the machine specifics don’t necessarily matter. You could have NEMA34s or NEMA17s or NEMA23s. It’s more about the controller than it is the motors themselves.

to control larger motors you need external drivers because micro drivers are to weak and they overheat very quickly.
I use nema 24 with 8 wires. They use the same drivers as 4 wires motors.
And for controller I use protoneer with raspberry Pi 2 http://wiki.protoneer.co.nz/Raspberry_Pi_CNC