Will these stepper motors work?

Hi all,

I’m planning on building an X-carve and I hope to reuse some stuff I have in the studio. I plan on decommissioning one of our old Bits from Bytes Rapman 3d printers and reuse the steppers used in that machine as they are quit powerful. But I’m always a bit intimidated by stepper specifications so I hope you can help me here. The NEMA 17 looks to be exactly the same as the one on Inventables and I would like to use this one for the Z but the 23 I am not sure about… Will these work with the gShield and standard power supply? Thank you!

Here are the specs:

3 x NEMA 23 M57STH51-3008DC
-1.8 deg/step
-Voltage: 2.2V
-Current/Phase: 3A
-Resistance/Phase: 0.74 Ohm
-Inductance/Phase: 0.9 mH
-Holding Torque: 706 mNm
-Rotor Inertia: 275 gcm2
-Detent Torque: 360 gcm
-Length: 51mm

1 x NEMA 17 M42STH47-1684SG
-1.8 deg/step
-Voltage: 2.8V
-Current/phase: 1.68A
-Inductance/Phase: 2.8 mH
-Resistance/Phase: 1.65 Ohm
-Holding Torque: 431mNm
-Rotor Inertia: 68 gcm2
-Detent Torque: 200 gcm
-Length: 48mm

Those appear to be “Double Stack” steppers which means they are longer. They would still work, but stick out farther than the stock motors. I would suggest a single stack Nema 23 for the Z axis, but a double stack works here as well if you mount it upside down. No biggie.

The NEMA 23 mentioned in the BOM are 51mm as well, aren’t these double stack as well?
But since I only have 3 NEMA 23’s I was planning on using the one NEMA 17 for the Z axis.
I think dimensions should be fine, I was more worried about electronic specs.

I was basing my comment on the picture of the stepper when I searched that model number. So perhaps they used a generic picture.

The generic specs should be fine as well. I believe the GRBL shield can only provide 2.5 amps per stepper and that may require some cooling.