Will this control my X-Carve

Even with dust collection my laptop still gets dusty. I was considering building an enclosure but that would take up valuable space. The other plan was to get a long usb cable and have the computer near when I am zeroing the machine and then place it on the other side of the garage when I run a program. Looking around the forum I came across a post that had this referenced. I could add a number pad and I would be in business. I use PicSender to send my gcode and all my files are stored on my home network. Thoughts, suggestions, my main concern is dust getting into the laptop and destroying it. WinBook TW700 Tablet - Black 466326 - Micro Center.pdf (349.7 KB)

that is using the WinBook with gShield.

the X-Controller should work with WinBook.



That looks awesome. What do the switches do?

enclosed.ai (123.3 KB)

i would like to used an iPad but i’m not sure it will work arduino+gShield?

You could also use a Raspberry Pi and GRBLweb. You just stream the Gcode file to it through a web interface, and it loads and runs the file on the Pi. You could keep your computer as far away as you like.


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