Window Closed and Stopped my cut

Hey! Is there any way to resume a cut if the window closed and stopped you’re cut?

No - Easel do not support resume a partially carved part that for whatever reason was aborted.

The big question is however, do you have a fixed reference point?

  • Did you home the machine prior to setting work zero/start the carve?
  • Or have another known reference point available to you?`

If you did you can:

  • rerun the same project, and let the machine run “air” until it finally engage uncut material. This may not always be feasable or practical.
  • If design allows it, you can mask off already carved areas so Easel omit these areas - this will reduce the “air time” mentioned above
  • You can also manually edit the gcode, removing the precut gcode (or the bulk of it) but this require some understanding of how gcode is read.