Windows 10 S?

I’m going to attempt to run my X-carve from a Windows tablet rather than a PC. The tablet I got was on Windows 10 but runs crazy-slow. So I was about to downgrade to it’s original OS of Windows 8 but then I heard about Windows 10 S designed specifically for tablets and mobile devices. According to the description, it only runs drivers certified and signed by Microsoft’s dev center. Has anyone tried this version of Windows to run their X-Carve or know if the USB drivers will work?

I’m interested in this as well. I’m using an old iMac to run Easel, rather than my new MacBook Pro (which I would rather not have in my woodshed for hours at a time). I’ve thought about a really cheap Windows laptop, but if a Windows S tablet works, that’s even better.

Windows 10 S only allows you to install applications via the Windows Store - there’s going to be no way to install Easel Local, or BTW Google Chrome.

why not go back to 7 or even xp? I have an xp one still going strong :wink:

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I run Easel from the web anyway. And though I prefer chrome, It wouldn’t be the end of the world (almost) if I used Edge.

Easel Local is the part you still need to install locally if you actually want to carve anything. And I don’t know if Easel officially supports the Edge browser - I’ve had problems in the past with Firefox and now use Chrome exclusively for Easel.

Steve you can switch the licences to windows 10 home for free this will allow you to download easel local. this is done through the activation utility on the computer

I understood that you can switch from S mode to normal Windows Home, but then it’s not Windows 10 S anymore and doesn’t have protections he might have wanted. Granted very few people are actually happy living within the restrictions of Windows 10 in S mode.