Wine glass cheese tray

Picture maybe?

Looks great. I cannot see it, but I’m sure it’s really nice.

Yore pictures aren’t loading. :wink:

Looks good Phil…

What wood are you going to use for final product?

I really like the shape you designed, much nicer than the standard round or rectangular ones that I have seen before.

Here are a couple of thoughts for future iterations

  • Have you thought about contouring the handle side to fit the palm a little better?

  • It might be also be easier to hold if you position the wine glass holder closer to the handle to reduce the length of the moment arm force.

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@PhilJohnson What did you use for your finishing bit? Hard to see any marks if not sanded.

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Sweet! Looks like I found a new bit to use. Now only if I can repeat your results. :slight_smile:

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@PhilJohnson I would like to personally thank you for your wonderful inspiration and selfless help you give to everyone on this forum. I want to be you when I grow up!


When I say that, my wife reminds me that not everyone has met me yet. :slight_smile:


Wait… where did @HalfNormal say THAT !!!


Just kidding Phil! When I see you’re posts it makes me sad that I’m in the middle of moving, and the x-carve is in “the wrong house”… still, I haven’t touched my x-carve in around 7 months… .


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@PhilJohnson how long does it take to carve one of these really nice tray 's?

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Nice speed Phil.

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