Wiring connectors xcontroller

Can any one post a pic of the back of their xcontroller . I’m a total newb and can’t figure out for certain what order to wire the connectors :cry:

Note: that the Y1 and Y2 connectors have a reversed pair of leads on one of the stepper motor connectors.

Something like this:


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Is that the same order they are wired on your motors? Mine are black,green,red,white…so that’s how I wired to my connectors,I’m confused if that is right to left or left to right.

it’s a bit confusing with stepper motors, would be best if you could post a picture of your setup. As long as you keep the phases together direction of motion can be corrected with software.

On your Y2 axis connector exchange the black wire and the green wire.

Y2 is black/green/red/white change it to green/black/red/white.

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Thanks guys!..These forums are impressive.