Wiring for PCB Auto Bed Leveling with ChiliPeppr

Easel isn’t cutting it for what I need/want to do with PCB milling. I’ve seen a lot of documentation online for using ChiliPeppr with auto bed leveling.

Just to confirm, for the auto bed leveling, people say you need to hook it up to pin A5 (I’m assuming) that’s an older version of the X Carve board? Am I correct in thinking, that I wire the spindle alligator clips to probe, and the clips on the pcb to GND (next to probe)?

I have a probe already installed, but when I looked around online, this step was left out or confusing.

Attached are pictures of my X-Controller PCB and the back of the unit.

Thanks in advance!

I’d reverse that. You’d rather have your spindle grounded.
Probe to PCB. GND to endmill.

If you have a spindle with VFD, your endmill is hopefully grounded anyway.

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