Wiring length for maximum power supply movabity

I’ve heard some things here and there about the instructed wiring lengths not allowing for much travel of the power supply. I really need to mount my power supply as far away as possible that the packaged wiring allows. Can anyone chime in? If you follow the instructed cut lengths, how far away can you put the power supply and controller board?

I measured the amount that I needed for each wire and then cut and that helped extend the power supply out a few more inches…

If I were able to locally source my wire, what would the max allowable distance from the main machine be?
I may even think of using some sort of terminal block at the end of the original wire for all of the conductors and run an extension to the power supply and arduino/gshield at a more distant location. I know that this would ad another potential circuit failure point but with due diligence that could be minimized.

i found that the z-axis limit switch wires are like 2 feet shorter than all the others. not sure if i measured and cut incorrectly or what. have about 1 foot of length for those and about 3 feet for all the other wires