Wiring the Optlasers PLH3D-6W-XF to the old X-Carve arduino controller

I bought the PLH3D-6W-XF from Optlasers. Their site shows 4 wires coming from the laser to the new X-Carve controller, but my laser came with 5 wires and I have the old X-Carve controller.

The wiring harness has the following:

Vcc 12-24v
ANG In 0-5v

Has anyone done this? Emails to the vendor have gone unanswered after I sent pics of the old controller.

if no one has done this before, you could ask what the wires mean and then with that knowledge determine how to connect them.

The first pair (Vcc / GND) is power, it can be fed by your existing 24v power supply. The second pair (TTL in / TTL GND) is signal: spindle PWM and ground from the Arduino. Mind the polarity.

For further details check out this thread…