Wish me luck

Well after waiting to get everything.I am ready to get the X-carve up and going. This is an exciting time at my house any suggestions would be appreciated.

I wish you luck, also patience (uh, and blue Loctite).

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And start off with scrap pieces / soft woods, mdf, etc. Dont try a 30 dollar piece of walnut on your first try (don’t ask me how i know)

If you dont have dust collection, have a vacuum handy…

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Take your time during assembly. Read the instructions and then read them again. The better the assembly, the easier the calibration and easier for carving and the less maintenance. Good luck with your new adventures!!

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Don’t wait until the end to square the machine. Build it square as you go.

Yeah, hard to say.

He said he finally got everything. I don’t think he has started. Hard to say

Well then… if @KennyCompton hasn’t assembled it yet then he should consider some of the following…

  1. Read the forum. Lots. All of it.
  2. Be prepared to be frustrated and elated in the same 30 second period. And this will happen repeatedly for years to come.
  3. Open the boxes. Count the pieces. Resist the urge to build it right away. Make the time for yourself. Most have taken a day or two to go from zero to carving. Some have taken months. Go at your comfort level.
  4. Ask questions “after” searching. Make searching your new habit. Forum… Google… other websites. Be a sponge. Once that is exhausted… then ask.
  5. Be ready to be a jack of all trades. Sounds daunting but you will learn more building an Xcarve than 20 years sitting behind a desk.
  6. Have a frank discussion with your family and tell them you won’t be around much anymore. :slight_smile:
  7. Enjoy the journey. Lots of experienced folk on this forum to gain knowledge from and Inventables will be there to help you the whole way through.

Happy Carvin’…

I like your 6th point… very true

#6 is exactly why my wife had no objections to me buying the X-Carve! :hushed:

Thanks for all the suggestions . I have started building, I have the waste board and all the maker rails put together.Was waiting on the stepper motors,they finally came in so I can finish the side plates and the gantry. I am adjusting all of the wheels and getting ready to install the belts. So far thats all I have together. Thanks again

Well I got it all together and it is ALIVE !!! I did my first carve using a sharpy pen just to make sure I would not crash it on the first try. Worked very well. All in all it was a fairly easy build. The only complaints are some of the fasteners none of the supplied hex keys would fit the head of the fastener,but over came that.On the Controller I had 2 screws left over could not figure out where they went.I watched the video on trouble shooting the controller and saw in the video where the two screws went. They go into the side of the case to keep the circuit board from moving when you plug up the wires. Thanks for all of the suggestion.

Thanks thats how I did it