Witchy Box

I got a cool window taping witch for Halloween this year but did not have a convent window to hang her on. So I made a window box to put her in.

I used 1/4" MDF, a v bit for the decorative carving and a 1/8" downcut bit to cut it out.
For the art I grabbed some images from Google and did a profile carve with a v-bit.

There is a front part missing in this photo that is why the front dovetails are empty.

I attached the front frame with the glass using some small hinges and a clasp.
I premiered it with some chalkboard paint then toped it with regular black. Finally I dry brushed it with some acrylic metallic pewter.

When I was dry fitting the box together I noticed that my dovetails were really loose and has some alignment issues. It turns out my X axis step calibration was a little off. I recalibrated the steps and noticed a big improvement on a later projects dovetails.

Later I modified her to have her demo trigger button mounted on the side of the box and added a wireless remote trigger.

Here is a video of the full effect. Sorry it is sideways


now that is really cool. great job on design and implantation. I bet some kids are really going to freak out when it taps on the glass. :slight_smile:

I don’t know… the guy behind the witch is kinda freaking me out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m kidding, Great job! Looks awesome!

This is a great project. Completely out of the box thinking (pun intended). Very clever, and great job on the details.

I bet if you put a strobe light in there it wood look pretty cool!

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