Wobble x axis

Hi I am new to x carve I’m using a 1/4” bit and I have wobble when it moves along x axis and I don’t no how to fix it. I’ve adjusted v wheels with eccentric nuts and I made them where I can move with two fingers. Please help.

Wobble? Any better way to describe it?

Is this while carving? How about just doing a jog?

While using a 1/4” bit the x carriage if that’s what it is called wobbles going right to left and left to right also. That is the lowest setting that easel sets which is like 30ipm and doc of .03 which from I’m reading is way to slow which I would like to make it go quicker but I can’t even cut at almost Lowest setting.

Sounds like chatter to me. Chatter can be caused by a lot. Loose Vwheels, belt tension wrong, Z axis out of tram, wrong pot value for the motor current.

There should be some good threads here about it. Look into chatter and fixing it.