Wobble. Z-axis loose?

Hey guys, I’m running an original 1000x1000 with a DW611. No upgrades. Recently replaced Y-belts as one snapped. But lately I’m noticing some wobble in curves and x movements. I’m suspecting loose v-wheels on the Z-axis as it has more play than I remember. Do the images support this theory? I’ve tried adjusting the eccentric nuts but I think they just came loose again. Any advice would be appreciated.

I should add. 90 degree v-bit and the material is pine/soft.

Check the 2 screws that hold the router mount to the delrin nut. You will need to remove the router to access the screws.
Also make sure the flange bearing is tight.

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I literally fixed a wobble problem on my X-carve last week. The adjustable V-wheels on the plate that holds the router were not tight. They were not holding any pressure against the rail they ride against. Tightening them up made the wobble disappear.

You can check this by trying to turn the wheel with a finger and light pressure then its too loose. You may want to check the wheel on the cross axis too. Same test applies.

Thanks to Philip Lunsford of PawPaw’s Workshop for the tip!

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