Wood mold carving from stl

I’m wondering whzat is the best practice in easel pro to carve my mold. I need to do 3 passes. One with ball head bit, one wint flt head bit (outline) and one finition with small ball head bit.
I was wondering is there is a way to select zones in my stl and ask easel to carve the with a specific bit?

I copy the shapes to workpiece and set the bit, cut settings, depth of cut and so forth. I use one workpiece for each cut/carve pass (called a path in other CAD software). You do have to remember your cut/carve order to avoid wasting materials and time.

It’s can be helpful to use the notes for each workpiece to help you recall the steps when you come back to the project a year later.

Do you mean you horizontally slice your mold to make the different workpieces?
Like one stl file for each level?
I’m not sure to understand

I don’t currently work with STL file(s) and I presume you are using another CAD program then loading your STL file into Easel.

When I have shapes, in Easel, that I want to control the bit and cut settings, I copy those shapes to a new Workpiece and adjust the settings. I have used this approach when I more path cutting control than the roughing and detail carves provide. I am not knocking the capabilities of Easel at all, I like the tool, and its ease of use.

So, I guess I cannot relate to your question about “horizontally slicing my mold horizontally.” For that reason, I suspect that my reply to your question was inapplicable.

Thanks for your reply. In this particular case, STL import and use, your answer does not fit my needs. But I learnt from your post how I can use the workpieces function that I did not use before. I’ll try to investigate further with my stl file.

No, Not with STL files.

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