Wood sign that looks like live edge?

I am still very new to CNC and Easel. I am trying to make a few signs, and I am interested in making the edge look kind of like “live edge.” Can this be done using Easel and X-carve?

This is NOT my sign, I just see several like this on ETSY, and I am trying to figure out how to get the edge to look like this. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A profile cut for the edge, and numerous smaller pocket shapes for the edge gaps

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For sure it can. Neat idea.

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Well, y’all gave me the courage to try it. I think it turned out pretty good.


Turned out good. Did you cut the outline on the machine or with something else?

Excellent job.
I do quite a few of those.


Love it. Well done.

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It turned out better than pretty good. Awesome job!

Thanks. Yes, but I didn’t have the depth set right, so I had to finish cutting with a bandsaw.

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Thank you so much! I’m still learning a lot. I’ve watched a lot of your YouTube videos and they’ve really helped!

WOW… You say you’re new to CNC and you made that?! That looks amazing. I would love to see a tutorial regarding how you did that…


Thank you. I have been using a vinyl cutter and Silhouette software for a few years just as a hobby, and I started playing with an X-carve sometime in February I think. As far as the edge, I just used the point/segment tool in Easel to make a random ‘crooked rectangle’ around my design. Then I added some triangles and other small shapes around the edge. After it was cut, I used a sander to smooth it out a little. Thanks again for the kind words!

The tree on the left is beautiful.
Are you willing to share the file?

I just reread your first post.
I guess its not yours.
Great job on the sigh tho.

With the Cameo, I’ve used Silhouette Studio and with Sure Cuts A Lot, US Cutter Lasperpoint II.

With Sure Cuts A Lot, I’ve got a small preference for Laser point. Bigger computers, simpler applications, cheaper substitutes for blades. Having the rollers together, too, makes it simple to use tiny vinyl scraps.

I use the silhouette studio at home, though. Does not recognize the format of SVG (I use Inkscape which uses that as a default). It can use DXF files, so I’m only going to export them. I’ve got to simplify the Silhouette file once I put it in.

I avoided Cricut because I hate to be cloud-dependent.

very new to CNC and wood working. What type of wood is the “Willmon” sign make of?