Wood Source: Hearne Hardwood, Oxford PA

visited yesterday. here are some pictures.


looks like a lot more fun then going to walmart.

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close to the victory brew pub in downing town, which is a good place to drink away any buyers remorse too…

i never have remorse when i go to the hardwood shop.

Looks like I will be visiting there in the not too distant future.

Woodcraft in Downingtown is a ~20minute drive, right around the corner from the victory brewpub. well worth stopping in if you are already in the neighborhood.

I’m in Horsham: where are you coming from?

Ill be coming from Townsend, DE. Its about an hour or so to Oxford from here.

I usually go to the Woodcraft in New Castle, DE.

nice to talk to someone else in the neighborhood…

Yes it is.

Nice! I’d love some of that curly Koa and some of those burls.

Hey thanks for posting this, didn’t know it existed, though it’s still 1.5hrs away. I live in Abington, so about the same distance as you. Might be worth the drive sometime, how where the prices?

Didn’t really ask about prices, although you can see them in some of the pictures.
I was (am) looking for something specific, 8" - 12" round or square posts, 6’ - 8’ long, for use in a rotary axis.
They did not have that.
I may have a source up north of Hershey, waiting to see if it works out…
The trip we made - Hearne, then the Victory brew pub in Downingtown, followed by Woodcraft around the corner, is a nice half day outing if you are looking to fill the time up.

I’ve been to Victory a few times, so that and woodcraft would be a good way to break up the driving. Thanks!