Wood Stand Support and Cherry Carving Suggestions

I’m making a few memorial signs that are about 12" wide and 8" tall and 1/2" thick cherry wood. I want them to be able to stand up like a picture frame, but I was thinking there might be a better option than the cheap picture frame stands that are usually on the back to rest them at an angle. Has anyone ever carved anything out of the back and made their own kickstand/leg for the piece to rest against? I was thinking of just routing out a slot and then planing down some of the 1/2" wood to maybe 1/4" and cutting out a “custom” kickstand that would just slot into the groove. This way it would match the same cherry wood. Thoughts?

Side note: Any tips of detail V bit engraving small letters in cherry? I used the Paw Paw shellac, black acrylic, wipe off method on a test piece of pine and it turned out perfect. I’ve never cut on cherry though so didn’t know if it would act differently.


I did a stand like this after the kickstands failed several times.

larger versions needed a bit of reinforcement:


Super nice stands.