Wood types for 3D

What is the best wood to use in a 3D Project? I purchased a project that calls for 1/2 inch thick Birch plywood, a 1/4 downcut and a 1/8 ballnose. Part of my project looks great and some is very bad. Does solid wood work better for 3D?

Thanks in advance.

I have never done 3D on plywood. Most of my 3D work I did in Chery. I did one project in Padauk.

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Thanks for the reply Harry. So I assume that most hardwoods are ok. Cherry, Maple, Oak, etc.
The instructions on the download said plywood but i was leery from the start. Let me include that I am a neebie and this was my first 3D attempt. Frustrating to say the least.

Plywood will always have a risk of voids and delaminating. The layers used for the inner layers is not as nice as the finished outer surfaces. Even with cabinet grade birch, you will encounter voids and knots.

You are also carving through the layers of adhesive which is harder on your bits.

Ideally, you want a wood that has a tight grain without knots.

Basswood, limewood, beech, poplars are nice and easy on tools. Of course you’ll have to glue up larger work pieces.

Walnuts, oaks, cherry, etc are much more expensive and harder on bits. Unless you absolutely need them, go with a softer wood, especially if you are going to paint or stain.

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Thanks JDM, I will follow your recommendations. It all seems so easy buy there is a lot to learn for a cnc newbie.

I do a lot of 3d work and found the best wood is steamed beech, it carves great, open grain wood like Oak is not so good for showing great detail, and plywood is definitely a no go, always solid wood for 3d

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Thanks Patrick

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