Wood types question

I was wondering why easel doesn’t offer more choice of wood types when setting cut settings?

You’ll find that different wood types don’t always have the same density even within the same species. The examples are probably just rough estimates between common woods that have different densities.

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Experimentation is the key. If you don’t see exactly the wood you want to work just pick one of the available choices which has a similar density. Easel’s settings are usually conservative and offer a good starting point so go with that. Then as the cut progress you have the option to speed up or slow down the feed while actually watching the result.

Remember, within reason, most settings are not super critical. Just keep the cut depth at 50% or less of the bit diameter. Then play with the feed speeds. After a while you will never need to look at the suggested speeds for any wood species. Your experience will tell you the correct settings.

FYI - Most woods are fairly forgiving. Metals and plastics are a little more demanding with settings but the same procedures work for them too. Just make speed and depth changed more gradual.

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Thank you, I was just wondering. Good point though.


Thank you Ray, Very well worded and totally makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. All the best,


I find this a useful technique to work up feeds and speeds for a given stock of wood (or other material):