Word carving help

Help please.
How do I arch the word cheaters over the devils head using Easel

By selecting the Lego Icon on the left you can find an app that will create circular text.
However this app isn’t the best method of getting a good looking result, so many users refer to other software created for designing 2d graphics… such as inkscape which is free…

Thanks Seth & Ken with your help I used Easel circular text app and it did the job.
Thanks Jim


@JimTar This is unrelated to the circular text, and I usually don’t post this type of comment, but that MILWA___UKEE is really distracting and odd. Can you just move that below the face and keep it as one word?

In Easel Pro you can use the “text effects” function to apply several different effects, including an arch:

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I agree, but this is how Milwaukee appears on the original plaque I’m just doing it in wood for a member.

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This looks like a simpler solution than using the circular text app. Thanks I’ll give it a try