Words not big as measurements

Am new to the x carve machine. I’m making a sign for a friends son and trying to do the name carving he wants on it, but even when I put in the x,y dimensions of the writing it is still smaller then what i want. For example the sign is 12in wide and 30in long and I want the writing size to be 11.250in so its nice and big but shows up way smaller in easel pro and I am not understanding why? If I make it 18in then it is perfect size shown in the detailed preview. This easel program I am definitely not a fan of so far, just does not have a ton of features nor is it easy to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Could you publicly share the project, or a similar one, that highlight this issue?

trying to share it but not sure how to.

Are you importing an SVG made in another program? I have seen this issue when I “export” as an SVG from Adobe Illustrator. If I “save as” an SVG and choose SVG 1.1 the size is correct.

no i am making the design on the easel program, not sure why it is doing it but really want to fix it. If I knew how to share designs on here I would.

Easel -> File -> Shared with link
Copy URL showing in the text window and click Save
Paste the URL here

Here is the one with the issue. board is only 12 and writing had to be 19.004 in order to fit board.
Hope you can help me and thanks for taking the time to try

I think you are confusing the bounding box of the font with the actual font size. Your font is fine, and the cut will be fine. Ignore the 19.04" wide bounding box. Fonts have differing line heights and may show extra space above or below the text depending on the individual font.

Ok i get it now tks for the esponse

I use the xplodr app. Make your text box and then do the xplodr app. It gets rid of the huge box around it and it’s much easier to get the exact size you want for your text.

What’s the xplodr app. I could not find it in the app store.

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You will find it in Easel under the Apps.

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