Work area settings

According to my CNC spec which has rails 1500mm x 1000mm, I should have a working area of 1300mm x 800mm. The Y axis of 1300mm is fine, however the X axis always sets at 570mm. I am struggling to get Easel to change it up to 800mm, in fact struggling to get it to change to anything higher than 570mm. Unsure what I am doing wrong? TIA

I would check your $130 setting

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (

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What are you doing? You didn’t say what you’re trying.

@MartinW.Mcclary Pointed you to the correct setting.

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I checked my settings in Machine Inspector
So my soft limits all look good, however in Home Position I was getting

Machine Position (mm)
X: -570.000
Y: -1243.000
Z: -3.000

Work Position (mm)
X: 0.000
Y: 0.000
Z: 57.100

I think I now understand that the problem is from using a New Start Position on a project, but would of thought when starting a new project and Homing the machine that this would then reset Work Position to Home as been start position.

What I have had to do, is start a new project and carve from home position and this has now put future work position to same as home position.
Is there a way of just resetting work position back to home position?

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