Work Holding Clamp

Hi All,

I posted a work holding clamp design to Thingiverse last night. Thought I’d share for those that have access to a 3D printer. I also included the step file for anyone who would like to modify the design to fit their waste board.

Just offering another option in the work holding arsenal!


I was thinking about building these clamps from wood but having just bought a 3D printer I will definitely be giving yours a try. I hope you don’t mind me piggybacking your post but I also have designed some hold down clamps that I think will work well with the X-carve, being relatively low profile. I was planning to cut the body from HDPE and make the axle from mild steel. I would be happy to share the files if anyone is interested, I think having a milling machine would help cutting the slot in the body but I’m sure there are other methods that would work well.


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Hi All! Someone asked for a work clamp with slots 3" on center. So, I uploaded as second version:

If I get some time, I’ll add a third with slots 4" on center. Hope it helps someone!