Work zero Jigs

What have you guys made for work zero jigs to make sure your carve is exact each time. Currently every-time I home my machine and carve it’s seems to be .1in or more off of my bump Stops. It’s usually not an issue when carving things out completely but it’s been an issue when making signs and other things when I’m working with an item with fixed dimensions. Or how does everyone designate the exact corner of the piece your working on.

Use the center of any regularly shaped stock as your xy zero.


I mounted a framing square to the machine bed. (using a dial indicator)
Then use the Triquetra to find X Y Z zero.
I’ve never looked back.

How do you get it to determine the perfect zero of the center of an object? Manually move the router head to what is possibly the center?

For the. Most comon shape, a basic rectangle, using a straight edge from corner to corner, the intersection is the center of the workpiece.

There are other methods using geometry for other shapes…

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@SethCNC am I looking at an aluminum wasteboard?

Love the new Center Origin Feature.

Now if we could just get a XY Zero Button on the Carve Tab… Are you listening Inventables Team??

I assume that the question was meant for me.
Yes, That is cast aluminum fixture plate that I made for the bed.
(it is not the waist board)
I was having to much trouble with the MDF bed warping so I made it out of ATP5 fixture plate.
I use Sacrificial pieces under my projects as needed.

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