Work zero position

Hi… is there a way to set a fixed work zero position? Id like to place a corner stop on the waste board to eliminate having to set an XY zero…any suggestions?

The g28 function allows the user to set and save “jig” locations as an offset from the cnc home position.

This is easier using other software that supports the user saving their own macros. I use OpenBuilds Control to send gcode to my CNC and it allows the user to save their own macros, so I click one button to perform the g28 function, moving my gantry into place and setting x,y zeros to that exact corner of the L fence automatically.

this can also be achieved in easel through some manually typed commands (you’d have to manually type the commands each time you use that saved location.

the other method is, if your cnc’s home switches are movable, is to use then to align to the location and then the home position is the jig location…

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