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first time using my xcarve since Christmas, I see we have new buttons on easel. How do you set the preset for the WORK ZERO button?

Cheers David :smiley:

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so the work zero button is set during the carve setup…(and when the machine is first turned on) there are a few other ways to set it, but not without manually typing in commands into machine inspector…
Those 2 position buttons are really there to assist with repeat carvings,… to move the spindle back to work zero after a bit swap and homing the machine… (which is a requirement on X-carve Pro since you Cannot Bit swap while the CNC is powered on per the safety manual)

Also, you only see those buttons because you have beta testing turned on, those buttons are not available to all users, there’s a thread in the beta category of this forum discussing the feature a little… Beta testing for new Machine Controls - #3 by RichardDMusser

Thank you for your reply, this will help me a lot with the flags that I am carving. I am building up my inventory and I hope this will reduce my time send setup each flag.


Could you share the project? Thank you.

Here is the link to my flag.
I set it up with 2 workpieces.
Stain the work with Minwax Pre-stain
covered the wood with film and carve the outline of flag.
I then removed film from union and stain with Minwax water base stain.
then removed red strips and stained after staining carve the second workpiece with the text.
paint the text and remove remaining film

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Thank you Richard, I appreciate it! It will be for private use, not for Etsy or somewhere, of course. Just FYI. Thank you again!

Sat down yesterday to do it. Only one question: when you use the color stain, you were extra careful not to let the stain overflow the edges because by that time the boundaries of all the rectangles are already carved, correct?

I try to be careful with the strain. When you carve the second workpiece it will carve the lines deeper, so if you get some stain in lines it should clean them up.

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Ahhh… I see now. Great idea. I missed that! Thank you again, now all clear!

Thats exactly how i do mine as well. Use the v groove to seperate the stain, and run a follow up pass a tad deeper to clean it out after staib is dry…

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