Beta testing for new Machine Controls

We are pleased to announce the new machine controls entering the Beta program. The new controls improve the flow of the machine jogging, allow for easier homing and let you do repeat carves. To enable the controls enroll in Beta program now by visiting the Options tab in the Account modal and making sure you are enrolled in Beta.
To enable Repeat Carving after enrolling in Beta visit the General Settings where you can check the box to show the shorter walkthrough next time you carve with no changes in your design.

You can voice your feedback in the New Machine Controls in Beta features page.


Two more buttons would be nice, -/- and +/+so we can move at a diagonal.

Thanks looks like a nice change.


What will Repeat Craving do? Will it move the spindle to work X/Y “0” after homing machine?

I think adding X, Y and Z labels would be a good addition. Sometimes I forget, even though I’ve been doing this for years, ha

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With repeat carving, can I resume a carve that I stopped? In other words, I notice a problem and hit “X” to stop the carve. I fix the problem, and so far, I have had to put new material on board and start over rather than just resume the carve. Or is there already a way to resume a carve that I have not seen yet?

Hi Carl, welcome to the forum…

You can only resume a carve from a paused state at current… not once the carve has been ended.

you could manually edit the gcode file, or start it from the top and increase the feed to speed through the previously carved portion, .making sure to slow it back down b4 it carves Into new material.


Thanks. For now, until I learn Gcode, new material and a new carve. Thanks

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Just here to say thanks! I opened Easel today to find those nice big X,Y,Z labels next to the buttons.

Immediate grin! :smiley:

I appreciate the ongoing improvements, and actually listening to customers.