Workflow Help - Laser then CNC

Hey folks,

Happy new year and all that.

I recently retrofitted my CNC with a 5.5w laser. I use Aspire and have successfully added the laser to it as a tool and used the Aspire laser post processor to engrave.

I now want to engrave a picture of a monkey as a sign for my daughter’s room and then cut it out with the CNC. The Aspire method as far as I can see only allows me to engrave at one power setting so I don’t think this will work. That means I have to engrave in another program (I am currently looking at LaserGRBL) and then cut out the shape in Aspire. The issue is I’ve no idea how to ‘sync’ the two applications so Aspire correctly cuts out the monkey engraving I burn in using the laser.

Is there one application I can do both tasks in that I’m not aware of? Or is there a laser equivalent of Aspire with enough customisation that would allow me to line up both the laser engraving and profile cut in the 2 applications?

Any pointers would be great.



I use laser grbl and just hapen to be trying the same thing you are doing. Only i am doing it backword of you. I have cut the outline and will burn it last. I have the pieces cut now and later tonight will try the engraving and see how it goes.

Ah great, let me know how it goes. It makes sense more sense to do it your way actually… let me know how you zero’d the laser on the cut out shape. Good luck!

I am making a couple of name badges but i have cut the 2 out and used tabs so the piece is still actually 1 piece and i plan on zeroing my laser off the same corner i zeroed my cut.