Working on a GRBL Mega Controller Build

I am working on a GRBL controller build using a Mega 2560 and wanted to make it easier to wire up. Additionally, I wanted to add some hardware debounce for the limit/home switches using a Schmitt Trigger and a resistor/capacitor filter circuit. Below is what I put together to test everything out. It works like a champ so, I have a couple of extra features I will be adding to the 2nd version of the below board.

Once I have this integrated, I will be finishing up my version of a SuperPID controller.

I designed a 3D printed mount for the board and Mega 2560 so I can mount it to the chassis.


What version of GRBL are you running on it? Most Mega ports are abandoned soon after they are coded.

Seems the mega port is actively synced with the main branch as I am running the latest 1.1f release.

Thanks for sharing! I did not know chamnit was keeping up with the Mega port.