Working on a joint project with the wife!

So I got an X-Carve for Christmas and my wife got a Cricut, She’s making the" Welcome" part that goes with this “To Our Home” part that I made on the X-Carve with a v carve bit and Aspire, it’s actually a Router V bit from Harbor freight… my real v-bits have yet to arrive…

Finished project pic when she gets her part done!


Nicely done. I was considering getting a Cricut, but I can only see a limited use for it that does not justify its cost. I am interested in seeing what others are doing with a Cricut and an X Carve together.

I was certain this was going to be one of those baby announcement threads :smile:


Thanks! I really enjoy this type of finishing.

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I got my wife a Cricut for xmas. Neat little machine. I have watched a few videos of people using partial wood carvings and then using the cricut to cut out vinyl to use as a stencil to do painting. The possibilities are endless.

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My God…:hushed:. You really need improvement on your painting skill… :wink:
That looks great.

Lol thanks !

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So here is the final product!! The wife finally got around to finishing it up!