Workpiece hold down options?

I haven’t had any issues with it cutting through the carpet tape and getting gummed up,

Hey Gang
I have uploaded a project for some hold downs with images and instructions, there is also an link for the design.

I have tested it with a few jobs and so far it seems rock solid with no movement.

Let me know what you think.


This will be the route I will be taking. I plan to run an old central vac in the garage, the CNC will be in the basement. No need for clamps, the vac will hold down all pieces firmly untill milling is complete. This also means that I can use part of that suction to collect the dust during milling.

This design seems like it would work well, based on what I have read about keeping the material from moving laterally…


Oooooo that looks really cool. Both cool looking and functional. @WarrenDownes maybe you should try these spiral ones?

I just printed one of those to play with. Just getting to motor wiring now on the x-carve, so, it will be a little bit longer before I can test.

Cool! I converted the file to an Easel project so that it is easy to carve. I don’t have a machine at home so I can’t test it out until monday, but if anyone else wants to give it a try:


Just cut 4 from your easel project after enlarging them a bit, came out perfect.


Someone get @paulkaplan a machine for his own. He deserves it!

Or, is that taking work home?

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:blush: i appreciate you saying that. It is more of a “one bedroom apartment, no room for a shop” problem. I am getting a Carvey though! Should be quiet enough to run without bothering my neighbors.

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Want to post some pictures? Do they work as clamps?!

Another one…

cool thanks @paulkaplan will check out those spiral ones

@TonyNo you can try my one that works the same the little wedges hold it really firm.

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They work pretty good, still too soon to evaluate them fully. here’s a pic. Made mine a bit larger and thicker from plywood.

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@DonDespain mind if I use your pictures on that project page?

Not at all, I did enlarge them a bit and filled in the center holes on my file.

Dang, these are just the ticket for my dad, he’s building an aircraft (a Pietenpol), and this kind of clamp is exactly what you use to hold the wing rib components together against stop-blocks while the glue sets. I’ll be making a heap of these as soon as my machine gets here!

Do the spiral clamps work as a lever/cam clamp, or just tighten into position? I am able to get them to work as a lever, locking into place, but only by using shims.

I’ve been using them as cam clamps, just spin them around until they go tight, give them a snug, and they work great.