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Workpiece hold down options?

Side clamping works well with many materials but please do not try to use with copper/copper sheet (soft brass too), it must be top clamped. Copper can be very “grabby” being a soft metal and I’ve already had a 0.9mm thick 100mm x 100mm sheet lifted out of my clamps, thrown across the shop and embedded in the back wall (to a not unsubstantial depth). My own fault if I’m honest as I already knew this. :smile:

i’ve struggled with properly securing projects to my table. the best upgrade i’ve done yet is this clamping system i bought for my shapeoko. it was a bit pricy on amazon, but definitely worth eliminating the headache of clamping.

For those of us who are supplying our own wasteboard, what hardware (with updated Inventables part numbers) are needed for the new X-Carve? And are there different quantities of hardware needed for the different wasteboard sizes?

I was able to find the answer on the waste board product page:

Here are the updated part numbers:
14 pre assembly insertion nuts, 2 bags of part #25281-08
14 Button Head Screws M5 x 20, 2 bags of part #25286-15

WHAT IS THAT?!? It’s beautiful!
Is it just a plate that you bought and drilled all the holes for? Are they also all tapped?
Got a link?

Hi, sorry I am just seeing all of these messages. The board I bought actually came with a good amount of hold downs. Every hole is threaded and the hold downs just screw right in. I haven’t had to buy any extras, as the ones supplied with the board are more than enough for anything I’ve done so far. I found it by just searching “shapeoko” on amazon.

Oops, my reply didn’t go to you. Yes, they are tapped and come with the clamp hold downs. I googled “shapeoko” on amazon and they came up.