Workpieces as "layers"

I end up doing a lot of project where I use multiple bits to accomplish the final product, and accomplish this by using multiple workpieces. This works, but is very inefficient and prone to errors.

A better approach would be to have a way to

  1. treat workpieces as “layers”
  2. be able to lock or align the location of items across layers, and to create relative offsets
  3. have a layer that combines the views from each workpiece, but with the correct bit sizes depicted. Depth of cut for different bit sizes could be in shades different colors to differentiate for each bit type
  4. ideally would be able to edit in the combined layer (with bit type selectable, and assigned to a specific workpiece), but sufficient to be able to use to check on the combined output (which is not currently possible to simulate with the method I used now - best that can be accomplished is to use the smallest bit size and guess what happens with the biggest bit sizes)

I fully follow you on this request as I’m also producing some project this way. It might be interesting to be able to “link” and “order” the workpieces in a single product. This corresponds to me to a vertical approach, hence your “layers”, instead of the current “horizontal” approach.
+1 to your proposal