Workshop photos

Mine is hillbilly, low tech, but functional. Just curious to see what everyone is working with. Post pics of your x carve setup please. :wink:Uploading 20151031_195743.jpg…

thanks, didn’t realize i didn’t wait for uploading. There it is.


You’ll need to wait for it to finish uploading before clicking to post.

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Really nice job there. You should post instructions for your fellow X-Carvers :grin:

I’m still calibrating the 611 and need to “finish” the electrical, but here’s mine.

The laptop wing has 2 CPU fans that go through an appliance switch. Whenever the wing is down, the fans are off. The 4 electrical switches are for the power supply, 611 bypass (primarily controlled by spindle logic), vacuum, and (not used yet).


didn’t want to spent months just building the table and not carving, so got this simple setup to get me going. Maybe as time goes by and I’m carving like a redneck with a chainsaw, I may put some upgrades on it

@RobertA_Rieke watched your vids and seen your setup many times, this is my first time noticing your e-stop button. hahahahah :laughing:

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The e-stop button is new, just painted it last week. :smile:

Love the duct tape to fix the window! :smile:

Robert, I always figured that someone who took the time to paint such nice labels on his storage would be a neat freak in everything. But it appears, you have the same clutter as the rest of us slobs. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Yup, that’s how I fixed the results of the only time my table saw kicked back. My wife hates it, but I think it’s a good reminder to be safe. That, and I don’t want to take apart the door since it’ll probably fall apart…

That’s only one corner of the garage. I’ll tell you the rest is nice and neat and organized, but I sure won’t try to take photos for proof… :smile:

Sweet dust shoe, I think im gonna buy a roll. Seriously,.

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shop organization is a personal mind over matter situation.

If you dont mind, it dont matter and its organized to your satisfaction.

If someone else doesnt like the way I have my workspace organized, they can find the door and get their own.

It’s MY workspace after all and it works for me.

I’ll have to get some fresh pics of mine up here too…

@Frosty LOL, my next project after the Y axis stiffening is going to be the dust shoe/diverter. This option works surprisingly well though.

@JkWestphal Very true, but I did spend an hour cleaning up while I was cutting aluminum yesterday. Now the kids can walk around without hopping over stuff. I should have taken a picture of that… :smile:

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The cleaning up or the kids hopping around?

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Both. :smile:

Here is what i have so far. I received most of the components almost 2 weeks ago, but the router mount, limit switches, and power source were all on back order. I built the stand in about an hour after getting this far. Needed to get it off my bench so I could move on with other projects that were set aside for this.

The last of the components were shipped today, I cannot wait to get this up and running!

Sure made me feel better about my shop! works looks great.