Wrapping text

Wondering if anyone has had success in being able to wrap text around shapes. I know there is an app to make it wrapped around a circle, but I tried that.

I was thinking along lines of like a large Oval. The letters on the end would be elongated, and in the middle shorter. I can do this by individual letter, but such a pain to do. figured maybe there would be easier way doing it.


Take a look at a video that I did. The second method I show should work for you

@BrianHoelscher1 You’re going to want to get into vector design/editing. Get Inkscape. Easy to do what you’re asking, if I understand, and easy to import into Easel.

Ahh ok. Was wondering if it was a matter of easel not having the capability yet.
I will check into it. Thank you for the information.


I did see this video before posting my question. Actually I have seen several of your videos in last couple weeks. You have some great projects. This what I was basically doing for project I wanted to do, but was liking for something little less time consuming, and more user friendly. haha


You can leave the bump stops in place and slide your project in at the same place everytime

Thanks for watching my videos. Hopefully you subscribed. I have a lot more planned