Wrong border size

My border comes up with different side size. Please see the photos.

Please help!

One of three things.

  1. Your material zero was off to the right of what you thought
  2. Your material dimension was off, shorter than in your designed
  3. Your machine calibration is off, travels further than code told it to.
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Thank you, Mark! Can you tell me how should I calibrate it, please?


If you placed a precut rectangular stock and did not carve the outside border yourself its probably due to 1 or 2 or 3.
If you carved all of it, outside aswell then 2 and 3 dont apply.
If you carved all of it, outside aswell then its probably in the design. (or steps lost but that would most likely cause more and “worse” offsets)

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These should help you. I always have the machine cut out my final size, that way there is no issues in the end.

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