Wrong machining thickness of the bearing spacers inside the V-wheel

I have an Xcarve with a DeWalt D26200 and every time I change the bit, I can feel that the D26200 body is “pivoting” or “shifting”. Because I am trying to carve PCBs, this shift is enough to make the drill not drilling on the center of the copper pads.
This shift is caused by the shift of the 2 bearings inside the V-Wheel.
I looked at the technical drawing of the v-wheel, and the space between the 2 bearings are supposed to be 1mm. Unfortunately, the thickness of the space in my v-wheels are machined to 0.85 mm while the thickness of the washer between the bearings is 1.08mm. Having 2 V-wheels gripping across the Z-Axis makerslide, each of them can slide 0.23 mm, this bearing “play” becomes huge.
I replaced the washer with locally bought washers that is 0.85 mm thick and the “play” disappear.
It is very easy to detect if you have this problem, you can feel the spindle mount play when you tighten the bit. The easiest way to fix this is to replace the spacers between the bearings inside the v-wheel with a thinner (0.85 mm). The actual problem is the wrong machining of the spacer inside the v-wheels. I will check V-wheels on the X and Y axes if they have the same problem.
Hope this helps.

I have just checked one of the v-wheel used on the X-axis, it has the same problem. The 25287-08 Flat Washer M5 is actually thinner (0.88 mm) than the bearing spacer washer inside the v-wheel, so using a sandpaper, I can make the 25287-08 thinner and swap it with the bearing space washer.

This has been an on-going problem w/ pretty much every vendor for the Delrin V-wheels.

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