Wrong wiring on stepper motors

I did not unfortunatley label my wiring X Y Z before running the cables and now I am having trouble finding which ones are X Y Z, I tried as in the instructions moving by hand to find resistance but can’t feel any difference, if the wiring is wrong, say X to Y will it just move the wrong motor and then I can find out which is which

Yes, all the motors and drivers are the same. So connect one at a time, say to the X connector, and use Easel to move the X axis. See which motor moves, and repeat until you have identified which motor is which.

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Thank you Phil, yes I did follow instructions and have reversed polarity on one side

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Thank’s Andy, I was hoping that was the case as it is a lot easier than rewiring again, I also had a problem with wiring the limit switches where the three black wires had to be soldered together and then inserted to the ground where there was allready two wires installed , there was not enough room for all five wires, but I found the solution here on the forum

Thank you Phil, everything worked out well, I did not have to move any cables at all, now I just have to learn to use it,is Easel a good software or should I get V-carve pro

Thank you again Phil for all the software info. I did not realize there was so much software and all free, I will try all of this first

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All was working fine until I tried homing today, the Z motor went right to the top and tried to carry on, I could hear the motor humming, then I got the message homing failed, and the only I could get any motors running again was by setting the machine up again, does that mean the limit switch is broken on the Z axis, I have checked all wiring and it seems fine,