WTB 500mm parts


i’m looking to purchase components to turn my 1000mm xcarve to the smaller 500mm version. i’m hoping to purchase the 500mm parts from someone who has upgraded to the larger unit.


Could you just cut your rails down? Or are you wanting to keep the 1000mm rails so you can increase the size again in the future?

i have all my 500mm rails still

I have a 500mm wasteboard I never used.

I’m also looking for 500mm rails and part from anyone who upgraded to the 1000mm. I need to temporary downgrade a machine to the smaller size. Do any of you guys still have the 500mm parts available?

Im looking to expand my shapeoko 2 out. I’d trade you plus some cash from my side.

Thanks Syxxstring, but want to hang on to the 1000mm parts so I can reconstitute it down the road.

I ordered the 1000mm parts yesterday so woould be open to selling my 500mm parts when they come in next week.

Let me know what you are thinking on price and we’ll go from there.

i have the belts, extrusions, makerslide, and 2 piece mdf wasteboard from my Shapeolo 2. Im thinking $125 shipped in the us payment by paypal.