X and y axis problems, not holding to the path of cut

Poor job uploading the photos and text, but im having a problem with my machine, I have tried a fresh install of grbl, ive cleaned the rails, checked the tension and the potentiometer on the x controller. as you can see from the photos, i tried 3 different cuts all with the same results and the issue always seems to be in the same spot on the art work

Something isn’t truly tight, this is a hardware (mechanical) issue.
Perhaps to aggressive feeds and speeds?

If you run a second test carve but reduce depth per cut to 25% and maintain feed, how is the result then?

I went back through and retensioned the belts and it seems to have given a better result. im almost mad that it is better because I was so sure I had everything snug, the end mill is getting dull which is causing the burning, for this run I used the stock feed and speeds 30in/min

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Don’t test with a bad bit use a new up or down spiral.

At what RPM?