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My board has an outside 30 degree radius on the corners. I want to match that 1 inch in with a groove cut into the board. What goes into the X / Y box to match that 30 degree radius?

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Right down here. image

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Bigger view. image


You would want to model the board full size, with the matching radius as Wayne indicated.
And then use the offsetter app (the lego button) to create an offset 1" inwards.

If you make the rectangle smaller first and then radius the corner, it won’t be an even 1" separation as it rounds those corners…

ALSO I would suggest using center as 0,0 in case the machine’s movement calibration is not perfect, this way it will be off equally in each direction instead of offset only to one direction.
Here’s how to do that center as 0,0: Use the Center for the Home Position in Easel. Part 1 - YouTube


Thank you for responding! However, the 30 degree radius is already cut onto the outside corners of the board (plaque for a school). So, the off setter app will not work. How is the x/y radius calculated to match said 30 degree radius?

Type in the size of the material you have already. Make a rectangle in that size with a 30 degree radius on the corners. Then shrink it down by 2" top and sides and center it to your material size and you should be good to go.

so it has 12 sides? normally radius is calculated as a distance from center, with the angle controlling the length of the arc… so if a shape is to have all 30 degree radiused corners, then it would presumably be 12 sided.


If you could, maybe showing a photo of the item in full (zoomed out) and then another photo showing the radius a bit closer if it’s not abundantly clear from the first photo, would help guide us to what your designing with…

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That’s the question…how do you calculate the 30 degree radius? On the x/y inputs, you can only do it in Inches or MM?

No its a rectangle WITH 30 degree radius cuts on all 4 corners.

Draw the rectangle and select cut and you should see at the bottom where it says radius. Just type in 30 degree.

After reading the FB post…and the added info of “R30” and “Flush Trim bit” it makes a little more sense now… R30 is 30mm Radius, not 30 degree radius…


What’s a 30 degree radius? Got a pic?

Edit: Read the rest of the thread… Looks like you have a 30mm radius.


Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. I read the R30 as a radium and when I asked the supplier, that was the answer I got. I was looking to convert from radius to In/mm. Hence, the confusion…I hope this help others! Awesome video!

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Thanks Wayne, I appreciate your time!

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