X and y travel

the x and y travel seems to be binding kind of like jumping on tracks any ideas thanks Michael it is the new x carve just building moving x and y by hand and noticed this

By hand your forcing the stepper to rotate which back feeds voltage into the controller and it could fry circuits so don’t do that too much or too fast…

But it shouldn’t do that jumping stuff when it’s powered and operated normally, otherwise the belt might be too loose and skipping teeth :man_shrugging:

I’d check my belt tension and also adjust my wheels so they just turn under finger pressure.

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thanks i will check belt tension again and recheck wheels im moving x and y with no power just want to be sure everything is smooth

also set belt 1 in pulled up at 2 lbs tension

There’s no real clear answer from inventables, instead that section of the manual links to a very old thread where the numbers discussed by members range from 6.5lbs, 5lbs. 3.5lbs, 3lbs

Thanks for your responce

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