X- axis assembly tips?

i got the x axis carriage onto the gantry but i cant seem to get the v-rollers adjusted properly to allow for free movement. the y axis carriages were fine but the Xaxis ones are either too tight or too loose. any helpful tips?

ill give that a try. i also have a feeling that i didnt put the washers on, so i will check that as well

Mr Phil, I have the same problem, the x carriage moves but not easily, don’t u have a video, explaining the process? it would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance

I know, I know, I’m following it, it is just, english is not my native language. I’m trying right now, thanks

Ok I did it, I loose the 4 wheels, and then I slowly tighten and magic!, is moving fluently, but how smooth it has to be?, thanks in advance for your attention

Ok, got it, I really thank Your for your help

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