X-axis hangups (stepper cables too short?)


My new x-carve is fully assembled, but it has yet to produce a viable piece. I get serious hangups, mainly on the x-axis :

My theory is that the recommended lengths for the stepper cables in the instructions are too short and get stuck in the drag chains. The cables might also be too rigid. A similar problem happens, but less often, on the y-axis. (Sadly my z-axis also hangs, but I think that’s an alignment thing that I’ll be able to work out).

Any quick fix, before I order a pricey longer, continuous flex cable from McMaster? The more I tinker with it the less I’m sure it’s the cable.


I don’t think it’s the wires. The wires that are visible in the video are not moving much. If the wire was causing the problem you would see them jerk when the X motion stumbles and the wires don’t move.

Check this out:

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Yep :

I had tried to adjust the belt tension and the rollers before submitting this topic, but I guess I was just not thorough enough. Also, I think adding shrink wrap on the belts is helping a lot :