X axis homing

I need some help in the final stages of set up. I cannot finish the homing set-up process. I think I see where the issue is but don’t know how to fix it. The screw on the x axis homing switch hits the carriage before the switch is recognized. I removed the spacer and tried using a longer screw (to avoid the head hitting the carriage) but it still is not stopping. Other ideas?
Eager to get started and I feel so close to being good to go!

I’m not exactly sure which switch you are referring to, the one on the plate, or the one on the carriage but I had a problem with homing as well. I used a longer spacer and bolt, and tightened it up farther away from what the picture in the assembly instructions showed. This way the little roller hits squarely on the spacer. Inventables used to sell them. It’s just a length of aluminum tube.

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I added some foam to the screwhead, to fatten it up so it touches the homing before touching the carriage.

I recommend using something solid. As the foam is repeatedly contacted it may yield and change your home position.

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