X-axis issue

I have an Arduino with shield / 2015 model. It is new to me and I had it running well until I replaced the 24v spindle with a Makita router. I deleted the old profile and added a new machine. It homed correctly but then jogging x became rough, and it is not moving properly along x when carving. Belts and wheels seem fine. It has nema 23 steppers. Is it possible I have the current too high and it is cutting out due to the heavier trim router? Wiring all seems fine and I didn’t change any of that, just disconnected the spindle at the terminal block and replaced it with the router. Could something be causing interference?

Also, could I have fried something moving it by hand? I didn’t realize that could cause damage.

Can you get a video of the issue?

Neil, Thank you so much for getting back with me. I took the cover off and checked the wiring on the shield to see if I might have knocked something loose when I was trying to get the z probe working. Turns out that was the issue. The red wire had come loose in the screw terminal. I still can’t get it to recognize the z probe, but it is now moving and carving properly. I had the z probe connected into the A5 on the Arduino, with the ground to the same ground on the shield as the homing switches. When I go through setup in easel, it doesn’t recognize the connection when I have the clip on the collet and the plate touching the collet. I don’t know what may be causing that issue, but I can manually set z until I figure that one out. Thanks again!

Yup, it sounded like a wiring issue… Glad you tracked it down.
The probe simple works by shorting A5 to ground. Can you bypass the collet for testing?

I don’t get anything, even if I touch the clip and plate to each other. I just got this machine and the prior owner never got it setup and running. GRBL probably hasn’t been updated since 2015. Is it possible that older version didn’t support the probe?

What version is it running? (You can see in the console when you connect)
I don’t think X-Carves existed before version 0.9 which is when probing on A5 began. If you can get to the console, can you send a ? and report the response here.

Thanks Neil, it is running GRBL 0.9j, so I guess that isn’t the issue. I will recheck the probe I made and verify good connectivity on the wires and then re-install it to the controller and try again.

Well, back to the drawing board. I confirmed continuity on my probe wires, I have the plate plugged into A5, and the clip to the ground terminal on the G-Shield. When I go through setup and get to the point of touch probe to collet, it still shows not connected and won’t go any further. I guess I will stick with manual until I upgrade the controller, unless there are any other suggestions.
Thank you!

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